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Boutique Hôtels Collection : Le Grand Large

A stay placed under the sign of rest and well-being, invigorating and regenerating.

Located on a natural and wild site, the hotel Le Grand Large is hidden in the middle of the dunes on one of the most beautiful beaches of Oleron Island. Between the forest, the dunes and the ocean, discover an establishment with a family dimension, where well-being and change of scenery are the key words.

Constantly looking for new nuggets, The Boutique Hotels Collection, displays well-defined selection criteria, establishments on a human scale, located in attractive places and steeped in history, all of which the hotel in Oleron, which joins the collection in 2022, perfectly meets.

Gourmet restaurant, rooftop, expanded terraces, carefully chosen decoration… The Le Grand Large hotel is opening a new page in its history with a fifth star to be today more than ever a Luxury hotel, a true confidential and refined address.

Discover our 31 rooms and suites, designed by the Boutique Hotels Collection, with carefully chosen decor, terraces or balconies with private Jacuzzis, and a marine atmosphere with the sound of the waves.

Le Grand Large
2 Avenue de l’Océan,
17550 Dolus d’Oléron,

+33 5 46 75 77 77



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